Sales and marketing have become paramount fields to increase profit margins in our society.  The importance of marketing virtually has been the new wave that introduces the brick and mortar business to the internet and allows internet based businesses to obtain and sustain a customer base.  L&L Corporation can help bridge that gap between your business and your customer.

What services do you offer?

Our base operation is in Second Life, brought to you by Linden Lab, but we offer services for virtual consumers and business in other grids and add new opportunities often.  Additionally, we work with several companies not located on virtual grids to push their products and services worldwide.  Our current products offerings include.

  • Marketing/Advertising  – Develop and manage an advertising plan for your business that includes our website, search engine optimization, and social networking advertising such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Empire Avenue, and LinkedIn.

Why L&L Corporation?

Our company has been in the business of virtual currency and stock exchange simulations since 2007 with the big boom of Financial Commerce in Second Life.  We have seen the positive and the negative of the sector and have positioned our services to be cost effective, profitable, and innovative.  Our clients see returns on investment often and we constantly reevaluate our portfolio to be sure we have the best profit margins available.

What currencies do you accept?

Our main currency is Linden.  We also accept USD on a case by case basis from non-resident clients of our services.